11 Fascinating Facts About Maine Coon Cats


Have you ever heard of a cat with the longest length recorded in the Guinness World Book of Records? The cat was a Maine Coon.

This long-haired cat breed is known for their beauty and dense coats. They grow to be very huge. In fact, they can easily outweigh a small dog.

Think about it, a very small dog can weight a maximum of about 3 or 4 pounds (1-2 kg), whereas there is a rumor that Maine Coon Cat can grow to a size of 30 pounds (13 kg) or more.

There’s even a story of a Coon cat that weighted 35 pounds (16 kg).

If you are a fan of Maine Coon and would like to know more Interesting fact about this breed, keep reading for 11 fascinating facts about Maine Coon Cats.

1. They have Interesting origin story

Maine Coon cats are native of the Pine Tree State. With their brown coat and bushy tails, one of the common explanations for their origin is that they are the result of semi-wild tabby mating with raccoons.

Another story is that they are the progenies of six cats that Queen Marie Antoinette ship to Wiscasset, Maine, when she planned to flee from France all through the French Revolution.

The less interesting – but more believable – story is that Coons originates from short-haired cats mating with long-haired cats, which were imported to America by the European sailors and the Vikings who landed in New England in the 1700s.

Two Maine Coon cats Maine Coon cats were imported by the European sailors. Photo by Kirgiz03|pixabay

2. They are the biggest domestic cat breed

Maine Coon is the biggest domestic and non-feral cat breed. They often grow to over twenty pounds.

This playful in nature and intriguing cat breed is known for their love of the snow and their unique passion to “play fetch”.

Coons are big muscular cats with an average weight of about 13 to 18 pounds (6 to 8 kg).

Their average length is 10-16 inches (25-40 cm) tall andaound 48 inches (121 cm) long plus the tail. This, along with their thick coats, makes them look like giants compared to another domestic cat.

3. Maine Coon cats like playing in the water

Although, there are some myths about Maine Coon that are somehow related to raccoons. Even though there is no scientific proof to that tale, but one thing they share in common with the nocturnal mammals is their love for water.

Maine Coon cats are that one breed that enjoys playing in the water, they have water-resistant coats and are very good swimmers. They love to shower and if you own Coon Cats, you will observe that they like rubbing their head on your legs after you come out of the shower.

A lot of Maine Coon cats also like to swim. This may be because of their dense and moisture-resistant coats, but for some reason, Maine Coons like water.

While the other cats will avoid a full bathtub, a Maine Coon will probably jump into it.

Also, they have large paws that help them walk on snow, furry ears and bushy tails which they can wrap around their body for more warmth.

white-maine-coon Maine Coon cats love water. Photo by LSC|pixabay

4. They come in all kinds of colors

Their common color and pattern is mackerel tabby or brown classic. But they can have many variations of solid colors, tabby, bi-color, including tortoiseshell.

The only exception is they don’t come pointed, like the Siamese.

Their coats are as unique as their characters.

5. They are not all brown

There is a common thought that Maine Coons are often synonymous with the brown raccoon-like coat. As already explain in number four, they come in all kinds of colors and patterns.

But Maine Coon owners do not breed cats with chocolate, lilac or Seal Point Siamese coloring because the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) proscribes these colors because they indicate hybridization.

maine-coon-calico These cats come in all sorts of different colors. Photo by karla31|pixabay

One of America’s most famous feline Cat shows took place at Madison Square Garden, New York, in 1895. There, a Maine Coon cat known as “Cosie” won the prize for the best award for the cat.

These days, the medal and silver collar Cosie won in the event are still on display at the Fanciers Association head office in Alliance, Ohio.

Cosie 1895, the winner of a cat show

7. A Maine Coon was the first pet to be cloned commercially

A Maine Coon cat named Little Nicky became the first pet to be cloned commercially in 2004.

When little Nikki died at age 17, his owner, Julie, saved his tissue at a gene bank. Julie paid $ 50,000 to a California-based Genetic Savings Clone, Inc. to transplant Nicky’s DNA into an egg cell.

A surrogate mother cat carried the embryo and gave birth to a kitten similar in temperament and appearance of Julie Kitty.

According to newspaper interviews, Julie was a happy customer. Her kitty became the first cloned cat and also became the first cloned cat to become a mother.

Beautiful maine coon cat Maine Coon cat won the first juried cat show! Photo by barnabashohi|pixabay

8. Most Maine Coons cats have six toes

According to history the original Coon cats may have had extra toes; they were usually polydactyls, which meant that Coons was born with additional toes or fingers on their paws.

Many experts estimate that nearly 40% of the initial Maine Coons had this trait. This is as a result of a genetic mutation, which some people say helped the cats adapt to harsh weather conditions.

Though this trait had almost extinct in Coons, as cat shows automatically prohibit any cats with such characteristic.

9. They don’t require much grooming

With their hairy tail and long hair hind-quarters, you might consider that Maine Coon cats will need a lot of grooming. Coons coat naturally falls smoothly, and they do not require much grooming from their owners.

Grooming them once or twice a week will keep their coats in a healthy condition.

Maine coon cat outside They actually don’t require much grooming. Photo by KlausHausmann|pixabay

10. A Maine Coon Cat starred in the Harry Potter movies

Pebbles, a female Maine Coon Cat was one of three kittens who played Argus Filch’s pet feline, Ms. Norris, in the Harry Potter films.

The Coon was a spayed mama cat that animal trainers discovered in a kennel in southwestern England.

Although the report said that she was not as responsive to complex training as the other cat actors in the film, however, she was good at walking across the set and stopping on command.

11. Maine Coon Cats don’t meow much

If you’re lucky enough to own one of these beautiful and big cats in your life, you will know it’s absolutely true.

Maine Coon prefers to communicate by trills and chirps, with occasional meow in between. And regardless of their big size, their meows are generally soft and sweet – just like the cats.

For conclusion

Maine coon cats may be one of the largest domesticated cat breeds in North America, with their long shaggy coats and bushy tails making them perfect for families.

They can also weigh up to 30 pounds!

Do you want an independent feline friend who needs lots of attention but won’t fit into your busy life? A Maine Coon might be just what’s waiting at home, capture his / her wild side without needing space or toys – plus they’re super friendly.

Even if it takes some time getting used too there will eventually come a point when everyone loves this cute kitty !

If you’ve got a Maine Coon cat at home we want to hear about his/her personality!

Share your story in the comments below – do they love playing outside? Do you think he could beat up all the other neighborhood cats? Let us know!

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