15 Heartwarming Facts That Will Make You Adore Siamese Cats

There’s more to Siamese Cats’ mysterious and elegant looks! Here are 15 facts about them that will make you adore and love them even more.

#1 They are nice clowns ? Siamese Cat with crossed eyes #2 Tail or eyes?

angry Siamese Cat lying down on the ground in the gardenThey once had crossed eyes and crooked tail!Ezoic

#3 They adore sleeping! ? Siamese Cat sleeping on its back #4 This breed is really old

Siamese Cat lying on the floor with the tip of its tongue outSome people say the cats were the pets of royalty, while others believe they were raised by Buddhist monks. However, a Thai manuscript called the Tamra Maew, or ‘The Cat Book Poems,’ provides an early depiction of the country’s dark-pointed cats. The work was produced sometime between the 14th and 18th centuries. This suggests that the Siamese is a very old breed – even if we don’t quite know where it came from.

#5 Siamese cats are perfect examples for children ? Siamese Cat lying in a large bowl #6 They are very curious! ? collage photo of a curious Siamese Cat #7 and can do YOGA with you! ? collage photo of a Siamese Cat lying on the floor in different positions #8 He also has 18 siblings. Do you think I’m joking? ?

Siamese Cat snuggled up in blanketOn August 7, 1970, a Burmese/Siamese cat in Oxfordshire, U.K., gave birth to 19 kittens. (Sadly, four were stillborn.) According to Guinness World Records, Siamese cats typically only have four to six babies. The massive brood was recorded as the world’s largest litter of domestic cats, and remains so to this day.

#9 Show tongue? easy!

funny face of a Siamese Cat with its tongue sticking outThey are simply very adorable and funny!

#10 Their eyes are real Moon!

Siamese Cat sitting on top of a circle metal placed on the pebbles in the gardenIn Thailand, Siamese cats are called the “wichien-matt”, which is roughly translated to “Moon Diamond.”

#11 They can make everybody be very obedient ? Siamese Cat sitting on top of a dog #12 These cats are ideal company for watching movies on rainy days) Siamese Cat snuggled up in blanket on the bed #13 They appreciate their private “parts” of life ? ? ? Siamese Cat sitting on the bed in a licking its private part position #14 They aren’t OK with night photos ? Siamese Cat lying down on the floor at night #15 Siamese cats are just lovely ?

Siamese Cat wearing a pink long sleeved sweaterSiamese cats are very extroverts and demanding, and not everyone can live with them. They are extremely lively and affectionate, active, energetic, social, curious and talkative.

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