Encountering Gandalf: The Feline Jet-Setter Who Takes Vacationing to New Levels

A 2-year-old Siberian cat living in California with his humans is quite the globetrotter, surprising many with his love for travel. His Instagram feed is filled with envy-inducing adventures that might just make you want to join him on his journeys!

According to his owners, this indoor cat with the exception of leash time has been exploring the world since he was just a few weeks old. He eagerly embraces his outdoor excursions, while his humans delight in sharing his escapades.

“He absolutely adores his leash! The moment we pick it up, he dashes to the door and sits patiently for us to put it on. He’s a true travel enthusiast,” his owners shared. With visits to 2 countries and 8 states under his belt, Gandalf’s upcoming move to New Zealand in 2016 promises even more exciting adventures.

Stay updated on Gandalf’s travels by checking out his Instagram page!


“He adores his leash! The minute we grab it, he excitedly dashes to the door and eagerly waits for us to fasten it on. He’s got a serious case of wanderlust!”


“Recently, we brought our adorable cat Gandalf along for the ride on our road trip.”


“He had such a great time exploring new places and forging friendships with the other campers.”


Gandalf’s humans shared, “We brought him into our family when we were residing in Korea, after finding him at a local veterinary office.”


“When he was just 5 weeks old, he caught a respiratory infection, but thanks to the amazing vet, he was quickly treated and back to his healthy self in no time!”


“We felt like we hit the jackpot when we brought him home with us”


“He may have grown bigger and fluffier, but his playful kitten-like purrsonality still shines through.”


We hope his escapades encourage you to explore the world with your beloved feline friend.


The family who owns Gandalf is getting ready to relocate to New Zealand next year in 2016.


The feline even boasts his very own pawport!


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