Introducing Honey Bee: The Adventure-loving Blind Cat We Rescued

Meet Honey Bee, our remarkable blind cat who adores joining us on hiking adventures! We brought her home from Animals Fiji and now she resides in Seattle with her two human companions and four feline pals.
During our hikes, we either carry her on our shoulders or use a leash to keep her safe. While many believe that only dogs enjoy hiking, Honey Bee proves them wrong as she thoroughly enjoys exploring the great outdoors.
Check out the video below for a glimpse of our hike to Mason Lake, situated in the scenic mountains surrounding Seattle.
For more updates, visit our social media pages on Facebook and YouTube, or check out for additional information. Don’t underestimate a cat’s love for hiking – Honey Bee is living proof of that!

Meet Honey Bee, Our Rescued Blind Cat Who Loves Hiking With Us

She enjoys being carried on our shoulders and we often go for leisurely strolls with her.


Honey Bee enjoys the soothing sounds of water while exploring the great outdoors.


Honey Bee’s keen awareness of edges and cliffs allows her to navigate close without any fear of falling. Hiking with her may be a leisurely pace due to the abundance of enticing smells and intriguing sounds in the surroundings.



Just like us, she takes regular breaks for water and snacks.


When you have faith in yourself, there is no mountain you cannot conquer.


In the serene setting of Barclay Lake


Carefully exploring every inch of the shoreline at Seward Park


Footage from the hiking trip:

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