“Olive’s Unique Gaze: A Rare Genetic Trait Gives Her Two-Tone Eyes of Brown and Blue”

A unique feline named Olive, with one blue eye and one brown eye due to a rare genetic condition called Sectoral Heterochromia iridis, has garnered a large following of fans on the internet. Olive, a mixed breed cat adopted from an online pet sale by her devoted owner Kim, is hailed for her striking and ‘majestic’ two-toned eyes. Kim regularly posts videos on social media showcasing Olive’s special genetic trait, which has captured the hearts of many online.

Genetic condition: Olive, an Oriental cross breed bought from a pet sale website by her cat-loving owner, has 'majestic' two-tone eyes caused by Sectoral Heterochromia iridis

Genetic trait: Olive, a unique mix of Oriental cat breeds, was adopted from an online pet marketplace by her devoted feline enthusiast owner. Olive’s striking two-tone eyes are considered ‘majestic’ due to a genetic condition known as Sectoral Heterochromia iridis.

The condition typically affects white cats because of its connection to low melanin levels

White cats are usually prone to this condition due to their low melanin levels. This genetic trait often affects them more than other cats. Kim got the kitten to join her family of four other cats without realizing the uniqueness of Olive’s eye color when she was still a kitten. As Olive grew, her eyes gradually changed color, surprising everyone with their distinctive two-tone appearance.

As she grew, her eye colours began to change - surprising everyone with her unique two-tone hue

As she grew, her eye colours began to change - surprising everyone with her unique two-tone hue

Kim explained that she found Olive on a pet-for-sale website while looking for a new addition to her family of four other cats. She was seeking a lively kitten to blend in with her existing pets and wasn’t particularly focused on Olive’s eye color at the time of adoption. However, Olive’s unique eye color and pristine white fur quickly gained her a massive following of fans on Instagram.

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