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Cat Drools with Happiness When She Finds People to Help Her After Spending Nearly 10 Years Outdoors

Cat Drools with Happiness When She Finds People to Help Her After Spending Nearly 10 Years Outdoors

Amy Bojo

Jan 15 24


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A cat drooled with happiness when she found people to help her after spending nearly ten years outdoors.

sweet cat snuggly

Dolly Parton the catMagdalena

Agnieszka encountered a petite older cat wandering the streets alone in poor shape. She was dirty and frail and wouldn’t survive the winter on her own.

It was believed that the cat had lived outdoors for nearly her whole life. She was small underneath her matted fur and desperately needed medical attention. Without hesitation, Agnieszka took her off the streets and contacted the rescue community for help.

The cat, named Dolly Parton, was around ten years old. After nearly a decade outside, her rescuer was determined to give her the good life she deserved.

street cat

She was found on the streetsAgnieszka

Dolly was found on the streets of Italy, where there are limited resources to help stray cats. Agnieszka, who was a volunteer in Poland, got in touch with a Polish animal rescuer, Magdalena, for help.

Magdalena agreed to take Dolly, and they started arranging a trip to get the cat to her new foster home.

street cat home


With Dolly fully vetted, chipped, and all her paperwork done, she was set to embark on a new journey to a promising future.

After a flight and a ride to her foster home, Dolly was understandably weary and confused, taking refuge in the corner of a room, trying to decompress.

cat stray hiding


Her foster mom prepared some wet food with warm water since Dolly had severely inflamed gums, which made eating a challenge. She also had a lump on her chest, which needed to be removed.

Within days, Dolly started to adjust to her new environment. The resident cat, Malaika, greeted her with sniffs and purrs. Dolly was a bit shy at first, but the presence of a calm cat eased her nerves.

cats nose sniffs


Slowly, she came out of her shell and found a spot on the windowsill to bask in the sun. “She waited there in the morning until I came up to pet her,” Magdalena shared.

Dolly also befriended a few foster kittens and nestled with them in their bed. Their warmth and company made her feel safe.

cat kittens snuggles

Dolly snuggled with foster kittensMagdalena

With the bad teeth extracted and gums treated, Dolly felt like a new cat. “I finally heard her purr when I scratched behind her ears, which is where she likes it best.”

“The moment she started to trust is when she decided she no longer needed to hide and began spending time with us in the living room.”

cat window petting

She likes to greet her people on the windowsill in the morningMagdalena

Dolly hopped on a chair under a table in the living room so that she could stay partially hidden yet still be near her people. “It was a huge step, a milestone.”

“One day, I came home and found her sitting on the sofa, on the blankets,” as Dolly was ready to be out in the open with her people. “I went over and hugged her. She was very happy,” Magdalena told Love Meow.

sweet cat dolly


Dolly became fond of lying on thick blankets, melting into the softness.

Soon, lounging on the couch with her foster mom became a routine for her. She would demand ear and head scratches and, in return, drool all over her human happily.

happy cat drooling

When Dolly is happy, she droolsMagdalena

She drools when she’s happy, especially when getting her ears scratched. She isn’t the most active gal in the house but has a knack for naps.

Dolly gravitates towards warm places, which make excellent snoozing spots.

happy cat drooling


Through the kindness of people, Dolly’s life has forever changed. She’s spending this winter in a comfortable home where beds are warm, food is boundless, and company is plentiful.

happy sleeping cat


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