Today is my birthday but I’m very sad and sorry because no one gave me a wish. They think I’m just a useless cat

Today is my birthday, but instead of feeling joy and celebration, I am overwhelmed with sadness and regret. Not a single person has given me a wish, and it’s hard not to internalize the hurtful notion that they see me as a useless cat. Birthdays should be a time for love and recognition, a moment to feel special and appreciated. Yet, here I am, feeling invisible and unimportant. It’s a painful reminder of how isolating and lonely life can sometimes be.

Despite this, I try to remind myself that worth and value are not determined by the opinions of others. Each of us has intrinsic value, and sometimes it takes inner strength to see it when others fail to. On this day, instead of succumbing to sadness, I choose to celebrate myself in small ways. I might indulge in my favorite treats or find comfort in a cozy spot.

Even though no one has wished me well, I can still wish myself a happy birthday and acknowledge my own existence and worth. It’s not the same as receiving external validation, but it’s a start. I hope that in the future, others will see past their judgments and recognize the unique value I bring to the world. Until then, I will try to be kind to myself.

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