Vituzzo’s Journey: Navigating Life on His Prosthetic Legs as a Ginger Cat

Vituzzo, the ginger tabby cat residing in Milan, Italy, was leading a typical cat life with his two humans until December 2018. Unfortunately, on December 20, 2018, tragedy struck as he was hit by a passing vehicle while his pet parents were away on their honeymoon. Rushed to the vet, the poor kitty ultimately lost his hind legs despite the veterinarians’ efforts. Here’s a photo of Vituzzo moments before this heartbreaking incident took place…

Jump ahead to December 2019, and Vituzzo was getting his new prosthetic legs that would help him move around like the cat he used to be. Even with his injuries, Vituzzo is a joyful and lively cat who enjoys giving and receiving love. In this photo taken shortly after the accident, we see sweet Vituzzo resting on his cozy sofa.

His owners decided to document his adventures by creating an Instagram page for him, allowing people to join him on his journey. Under the name Vituzzo Superstar, the account is filled with snapshots of Vituzzo engaging in typical feline activities and adapting to life with his new prosthetic limbs. Just a short while after getting his custom-made prosthetic legs…

Watching Vituzzo effortlessly move around his house, you wouldn’t even know that he’s blind. Whether he’s following his human’s every move or simply being his charming self, Vituzzo proves that he’s a content feline despite his challenges. And just like any typical cat, he can’t resist the allure of faucet water!

We are all aware of how much cats enjoy keeping you company as you browse the internet and type on your keyboard.

Vituzzo loves to relax at home on Saturday nights, lounging in his new chairs – typical cat behavior!

Which cat doesn’t adore a nice cardboard box!?

Getting a nice scratch from their mom? Well, every little kitty surely enjoys that as well!

I’m delighted to see that this feline is not allowing his unique traits or challenges to stop him from enjoying life to the fullest. A big shoutout to his owners for making sure that this adorable cat receives all the affection, love, and support he needs. Vituzzo, you are definitely a shining star in the world of cats.

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