“What’s Up With that Grumpy Cat? Meet the Rescue Feline with a Perpetually Dour Expression”

Although he may appear grouchy, this gloomy feline actually lives a very happy life despite his sad expression, thanks to a rare genetic disorder. Toby, a cat residing with his owners Chris Lardner and Georgina Price in Gloucestershire, suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a condition that impacts his skin, causing it to droop and giving him a perpetually grumpy appearance. Despite this, Chris and Georgina decided to provide Toby with a loving home along with his companion Quinton, who were both rescued from a hoarder’s residence by the RSPCA. Georgina, who works as an accounts assistant, explained that Toby’s condition, which is also found in humans, is due to defective collagen in his body.

Cat Toby (pictured with owner Georgina Price) is a rescue cat from Gloucestershire with a rare skin condition, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

Toby the cat, who was adopted by his owner Georgina Price in Gloucestershire, is a rescue cat with a unique skin condition known as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Sour puss! Toby has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a collagen disorder that makes his skin saggy and gives him  a permanently grumpy look

Grumpy kitty! Toby suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a condition that affects his collagen and causes his skin to droop, giving him a perpetually grumpy expression.

Whatever Toby's doing, he looks like he's having a miserable time. But his owners say he is a loving feline, who likes to play

Despite appearing miserable at times, Toby is actually a playful and affectionate feline according to his owners. Even though he has Ehlers Danlos syndrome, it hasn’t affected him severely, mainly causing fragility in his skin which results in cuts and a droopy appearance. Despite this, Toby is happy and loves to play with bouncy balls, shoelaces, and anything he can drag around.

Toby was rescued from a hoarder's house by her RSPCA and rehomed with Georgina and Chris

Toby was saved from a hoarder’s residence by the RSPCA and then found a new home with Georgina and Chris.

The feline is collagen deficient, which is why his skin lacks elasticity and looks so droopy

The cat’s collagen levels are low, causing his skin to appear saggy and lacking in resilience.

People call him sagpuss' and owner Chris added that Toby can pull some impressively miserable faces when upset

“Known as ‘sagpuss’ by many, Toby has a talent for making some seriously dramatic sad faces when he’s not in the best mood,” owner Chris explains. “He seems to age before our eyes with his expression.”
Chris also mentioned, “He gets really grumpy when disturbed from his nap. He’s quite the sleepyhead during the day, but once we’re back home, he’s all about playtime.”

Toby with his bestie Quinton. The two cats were both adopted by Chris and Georgina from the same shelter

Toby and Quinton, the inseparable duo, were both welcomed into the loving home of Chris and Georgina after being rescued from the shelter.

Owner Georgina (pictured) said special needs cats  like Tobyshow appreciation and love in abundance

Georgina, the proud owner of Toby (shown in the picture), shared that special needs cats, like Toby, display an abundance of appreciation and love.

Toby was really scared after his experience living in the hoarder's house and wouldn't come out from under the bed

Toby was extremely frightened after his time in the hoarder’s home and refused to come out from under the bed. Chris, who works in construction, shared, “It took Toby around a month to finally venture out from under the bed when we first brought him home. He was really anxious.” Chris added, “In the shelter, he was frequently overlooked by the other cats. Due to his fear, he didn’t interact much with others.” Chris expressed gratitude for finding Toby when they did, as it allowed them to protect him from further harm and address any challenges his EDS condition might present.

It look time to settle Toby in his new home with Georgina and Chris after his traumatising experience

It took a while to get Toby comfortable in his new place with Georgina and Chris following the upsetting ordeal he went through.

Georgina and Chris said they were happy that Toby was rescued when he was, as he could have been even more traumatised

Georgina and Chris expressed their relief that Toby was rescued when he was, feeling grateful that the situation didn’t result in more trauma for him.

Looking permanently miserable because of his skin condition, Toby (pictured) can't help how he looks

Toby (shown in the picture) appears to have a permanent miserable expression due to his skin condition, but it’s beyond his control.

So hard being a cat: Georgina said her cats meant the world to her and Chris and that they loved them both exceedingly

Georgina expressed how challenging it can be to take care of her cats, emphasizing that they are cherished by both her and Chris and hold a special place in their hearts.

Toby might look like a sour puss but he's actually very loving according his owners Chris and Georgina

Although Toby may seem aloof, his owners Chris and Georgina reveal that he is actually very affectionate. According to Georgina, special needs cats like Toby show an abundance of appreciation and love, requiring only patience and time. They hope that by sharing Toby’s story, others will choose to adopt rather than shop for pets. Georgina emphasizes that there are many cats like Toby and Quinton in need of loving homes. She and Chris love their cats dearly, considering them a vital part of their lives and feeling incredibly proud of their bravery. The couple finds caring for their sweet and affectionate cats to be the most fulfilling experience in the world.

Georgina said taking care of rescued cats was one of the most rewarding things and said they were both very loving

Georgina expressed that caring for rescued cats has brought her immense joy and fulfillment, noting that they are incredibly affectionate creatures.

Because of his condition, Toby gets cuts. Georgina explained his skin is quite fragile and looks droopy

Toby often ends up with cuts due to his delicate skin condition. Georgina described his skin as fragile and saggy in appearance.

But now living in a happy home with his friend Quinton and loving owners, Toby, despite his looks, is a happier cat

Since finding a loving home with his buddy Quinton and caring owners, Toby, who may not be the prettiest cat around, has really turned into a content feline.

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